How To Choose A Yoga Studio Accreditation Program

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There are two types of yoga enthusiasts. The first one practices yoga as a way of life, while the other aims to train others to live the yoga lifestyle. If you wish to become a yoga trainer, then you should consider enrolling in a yoga studio accreditation program. There are hundreds of yoga studio accreditation programs today, so how do you choose a suitable program? Below are some tips. 

Examine The Program's Accreditation

Although most programs will market themselves as accredited, some may not have the appropriate accreditations. Therefore, conduct thorough background research to establish the bodies that gave the accreditation. Alternatively, you could contact a yoga studio accreditor and ask them to send you a list of the accredited programs in your area. 

Seek Reviews From Fellow Trainers

Contact trainers who have participated in the accreditation programs and ask them to rate the program. For instance, ask how the program changed their perception of yoga. Inquire if the program has helped deepen their yoga practice or whether the program has made them better yoga trainers. Although you may not get a 100% positive response, this research will help you conduct a comparative analysis of the various yoga studio accreditation programs. 

Inquire About The Program's Support Services

An ideal teaching program should offer support services to its various studios. For instance, some programs take a continuous learning approach. In such a way, trainers under the program receive materials to grow their yoga training skills and helping them connect with their students. Other programs will send trainers to your studio to ensure that you teach what you learned in class. It is a great way to market the yoga program since all trainers will follow the required standards.  

Assess The Trainers And Training Methodologies

Evaluate the following: 

  • Are the trainers experienced yoga teachers? Not everyone can train you how to teach. Other than industry qualifications, examine personal attributes such as communication skills, temperament, patience, and critical thinking skills.
  • Assess the course outline to establish whether the modules taught will help grow your yoga skills.
  • Check the number of training hours and examine if they are adequate to cover all materials in the course outline. While a course with fewer hours could seem tempting, it might not adequately prepare you for yoga training.
  • Examine the training methodology. For example, how many students will be in each class? Fewer students mean that the trainer will cater to the needs of each learner.
  • Inquire about assessments. Remember that an assessment is the only way to determine if you have the right skills for the trade. 

To learn more, contact a yoga studio accreditation program.

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